The CAD Process

One of the most common questions we get asked is how we join a project in process. They worry that it is too complicated to integrate an outside firm into a project. We want to show you how we seamlessly integrate our assistance into your work flow.


We speak with you and discuss the details of the project, including deadlines for the various stages of the work. Details include a written proposal of work to be provided by the client and expected deadlines for drawings to be submitted to the client.

We also set a schedule for routine meetings so we can provide you update on the progress of the work and exchange any new information. After all necessary files have been received and the scope of work has been evaluated, a formal proposal is given to the client for approval.


Depending on the scope and size of the project, one or more CAD drafters will work to complete the project as scheduled. All CAD techs will be overseen by the project manager to ensure efficiency and accuracy. We work hard to ensure that everything is done to exceed our client’s expectations.

During this stage of the project, regular meetings between the client and the project manager will be necessary. This helps maintain open and clear communication, enabling the client to be fully involved in the development of the project.


The final stage of the CAD process is submitting all finished project files to the client for review and approval. All work will be submitted as PDF’s and electronic CAD files. At this point, the client will review the work and return any drawings as markups for correcting by the technician.