Drafting and Design Co. helps companies complete their projects with short-term drafting and design help. With over a decade of experience, we are well prepared for all project types.

Here are some of our areas of specialty –

Architectural Drafting
Civil Drafting
3D Solid Modeling
Document Conversion
Prototype and Patent

We assist with commercial, industrial and residential projects. Additionally we do 3-D modeling, custom cabinet and steel design and more.

Integrating our Services into an existing project:

Drafting and Design Co. can step in at any point in the project process.  We are skilled in integrating into your project workflow with minimal interruption. Curious how it all works?

Before we accept a project we speak with the project manager or other party in charge and go over a list of questions designed to understand the scope of the project, the current process and potential set-backs the project is facing.

We’ll ask questions about the project such as how many people are working on it, what programs are being utilized, what the deadline is and what problems have come up in the process so far. It is through this process that we determine how we can best help you meet your project goals.

After accepting a project ,we will determine whom our point of contact will be request any documents that define the scope, scale and project specifics. We will begin work and update the point of contact with daily emails. When questions arise we’ll send an email and are available for phone conferences as needed.