3D Solid Modeling

3D modeling is one thing we pride ourselves on at Drafting And Design Co. We will take your images, 2D drawings and hand sketches and create a three-dimensional model in CAD to your dimensions and specifications. These 3D models can be rendered, given surface texture and color, lighting and shading for a photo-realistic look. This can be used in advertising or in presentations.

Having a 3D model of your design has many advantages over the competition in a tough economy, such as ours. One advantage is that a solid model can be viewed from any angle which is great in evaluating its design for real world application. In the instance of a mechanical part, a design team can insert it into a CAD file with other machine 3D models to check tolerances, errors in design, functionality and even apply stress tests. Another example is HVAC design. A 3-D model would allow to check for interference with other equipment, access for maintenance and any operating issues it may have.

Inventors can especially benefit from our experience with solid modeling at Drafting And Design Co. We will not only draft your invention to your specifications while maintaining fabrication drafting standards, but we will also help you file your patent with the Patent Office. We call this service Patent Assistance and it will help take some of the tediousness out of the process of getting your idea to fabrication and then to market.

Ideal projects that could use our 3-D Solid Modeling service include:

  • Machine/Mechanical Parts
  • Objects To Be Rendered
  • Structures Requiring Section Views
  • Invention Prototypes
  • Industrial Pipe Layouts
  • HVAC Design Layouts