Architectural Drafting – 3D Modeling/Rendering

Three-dimensional models are a great way to get a very realistic representation of the structures being drawn. 3D models also have the advantage of being able to be rendered and having a walk-through or fly-by presentation made from it. Although, creating 3D models of a building would take more time and cost a bit more, it would lend itself to some considerable shortcuts later in the project.

An example of a short cut is creating a section from a three-dimensional model. Initially, the section line will be defined and with a few dozen clicks of the mouse, a section is created. In a two dimensional drawing, every section would have to be drawn from scratch. Also, when rendering a 3D model of a structure, adding texture and lighting can make for a very artistic as well as realistic representation of the final product. This allows all components of the project to come together.

Though creating a set of two-dimensional construction drawings can still be very efficient, 3D models can really make a project shine and look very polished.

Projects that can benefit from being drawn as a 3D model include:

  • Interior and Exterior Walls for Section Views
  • Rendering Objects
  • Walk-Through Presentations
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Interior Views
  • Furniture layout