Slide Show And Walk-Through Presentations

A slide show is a great way to really get your design across to the client and is a wonderful tool for accompanying a Power Point presentation. Drafting And Design Co. will take your photos, plans, architectural elevations and even three-dimensional models and put them together for you in a neat and well-organized package.

Power Point presentations is another service that Drafting And Design Co. offers. This service is one that is greatly appreciated by our customers. Organizing the progression of a project or an outline of an upcoming project in a concise way can be a time consumer, reducing your profit. Allowing us at Drafting And Design Co. to handle that end of your project would therefore help you get the most for your money.

And If a walk-through presentation of a house or office is needed for a client meeting, or if you would like us to include a 3D walk-through of the building to better visualize the end result, Drafting And Design Co. can make that happen for you.